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The HIGH Price of Low Deductibles

Did you know that your LOW deductibles on your current auto, homeowner and commercial insurance policies may be costing you MORE than you think?

Your “deductible” is the amount you pay when you make a claim before your insurance company pays. There are many reasons why deductibles exist.

Essentially, there are many expenses associated with processing an insurance claim. Through the necessity of deductibles, the expense of processing many small claims has been lowered for insurance companies.

Insurance companies pass the SAVINGS onto consumers that RAISE their deductible through lower premiums.

When you pay small losses yourself, you can also get another premium break by avoiding a possible claims surcharge.

Deductibles also reduce “moral hazard”. Insurance fraud is a HUGE problem in our industry which costs us all more money. If there was no cost to them, dishonest people would generate even more fraudulent claims.

It’s important that you review your deductibles with your agent. Increasing your deductibles can reduce your annual premium SAVING you lots of money over time.

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Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.