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It’s Never Too Late to Start Preparing For the Future

It’s August now, and for many of us that means the fun of summer will be coming to a close as the kids get ready to go back to school and we fall back into our routines. For me, I long to go on another vacation like the one I just got back from. Going on vacation and escaping temporarily from the humdrum daily activities that we all must do makes me think about all the fun I will have in a few more years when I retire — okay, who’s counting? — and sit on the beach all day. (Just kidding.)

Since I’ve got retirement on the brain already, I thought I’d share with you some information in case you might be a bit closer to that milestone than I am. You know, it’s never too late or too early to start planning for the future!

The Retirement Red Zone is a term used to describe the five years before retirement and the five years following retirement. It is a time when poor market performance can seriously effect your portfolio because the time it takes to recover is not on your side. The result could be a retirement that lasts longer than your assets.

If you’re close to retirement, you’ve probably spent most of your life building your savings. You’ve seen that stocks have performed well over the long term, but in the Retirement Red Zone, suddenly the future is now. What if one smart step could ensure you never outlive your money in retirement?

In today’s uncertain financial environment, it’s more important now than ever that you understand, identify, and reach your retirement goals. With all the uncertainties swirling regarding the economy, deficits and entitlement funding (all of which will profoundly affect you), you need some solid footing underneath your retirement.

It’s never too late to take steps toward preparing
for your future. Now is the time to re-evaluate YOUR plan and ensure that these vital assets will generate
income to support a very long, rewarding retirement.

Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.