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7 Tips for Raking Leaves

In many parts of our country, raking leaves is a necessity during the fall months. Did you know that the dynamics of raking can lead to strain and injury to the back, shoulders, and wrists?

Raking requires a number of different activities, including twisting, bending, lifting, and reaching, that utilize several different muscle groups. Improper use of lawn tools increases your risk of injury to the bones and muscles.

You can ease the strain and pain of raking — one of fall’s most taxing tasks — by taking the following precautions to minimize your risk:

1.Avoid twisting your body while raking. Use your legs to shift your weight rather than twisting your back. Twisting movements can overly strain the muscles in the back.

2.Use a properly sized rake for your height and strength.

3.Wear gloves to help prevent blisters on the hands.

4.Bend at the knees, rather than the waist, to pick up items.

5.Try to vary your movements as much as you can to avoid the overuse of muscle groups.

6.Wear shoes with skid-resistant soles to minimize the risk of falling. Sturdy shoes can also reduce the risk of injuries to your feet.

7. Don’t overdo it! Raking is an aerobic activity – you may need to take frequent breaks or slow your pace if you are an infrequent exerciser.

If you feel you are unable to rake your leaves safely – Delegate! Find a local lawn care company, teenager, or make the kids earn their allowance. ☺ It is better to pay someone to handle this chore for you than to be laid up with an


Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.