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Life Insurance 10

As we transition from summer to autumn, it’s a great time to do a financial checkup on your life.

To live a financially sound life, one of the most common things experts recommend is that you have life insurance.

Life insurance will pay the beneficiaries named by a policyholder in the event of that policyholder’s untimely death. It’s a way for a family to replace lost wages when an income earner passes.

No one wants to think about life insurance. But if someone depends on you financially, it’s a topic you can’t avoid. In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can:

     <li>Pay for funeral costs</li>
     <li>Help pay the bills and meet ongoing living expenses</li>
     <li>Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and the mortgage</li>
     <li>Continue a family business</li>
     <li>Finance future needs like your children’s education</li>
     <li>Protect a spouse’s retirement plans</li>


Getting life insurance doesn’t have to be hard (or boring). We have some easy steps for you to walk through to see if life insurance is right for you.

You’ll also find information and interactive tools to help you get a sense of how much and what kind to buy, plus information about how different life events—such as having children or buying a home—can affect your insurance needs.

Why not get started!

Life insurance is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Having life insurance ensures that your loved ones are taken are of when you are no longer able to take care of them yourself.

Most families either have no life insurance or not enough, leaving them one accident or terminal illness away from a financial catastrophe for their loved ones. The number of individuals without adequate life insurance coverage is growing; some individuals still don’t have any life insurance coverage at all.

Each year in September, insurance agencies and non-profit organizations across the country join together to try to help educate people about the high risk associated with not having adequate or any life insurance coverage. They know that your family’s financial future is too important to leave at risk.

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Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.