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A Better Way

The New Year is finally here and I want to share with you a simple process to reflect upon your life, where it’s been, and where it’s going. There’s a phrase that the late Steve Jobs said so often that it became his mantra and helped him build Apple…

“There has to be a better way”.

Being great was NEVER good enough for Steve. He pushed for EXCELLENCE. He continued to raise the bar higher and higher and higher. Steve always pushed himself and everyone around him. He would use his mantra “there has to be a better way” multiple times during a simple 30 minute meeting.

Excellence was Steve’s religion. He pushed for constant and never-ending excellence, which became exhausting for some. It caused many people who couldn’t handle it to quit Apple. Steve would say “Most people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” However, the best did stay with it and they thrive in an environment of excellence and high expectations. The history of Apple proved that when a product got shipped against unthinkable timelines, even the most talented and doubtful on the team were amazed and empowered by what they have accomplished.

So today, I want you to apply that mantra to everything that you tackle. There has got to be a better way for every problem or situation that you encounter today. Repeat that mantra and come up with an answer. Maybe even simple things like — how you get ready in the morning, how you plan and start your work day, how you process your email or income solicitations, how you communicate with, meet with, and encourage your team and maybe how you follow up with leads and clients. Always tell yourself, “There’s got to be a better way”.

Just try it. Try it today. If it works, try it another day… Challenge yourself, your team, your family, and your friends with this mantra.


Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.