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Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

It’s October now, and that means it’s nearly time for one of my favorite holidays… Halloween! I love the costumes, how much fun the kids have, and of course, getting a day to be silly and dress up in the office.

October is also the time of all things “scary”, including haunted houses, horror movies, corn mazes, and questioning how long that leftover candy will be good for.

When talking with my friends, family, and customers, I am often surprised when I hear them talk about how insurance is “scary”. I deal with insurance every day, so it’s as familiar to me as the back of my hand — certainly nothing to be afraid of!

In these conversations, when we come to the root of their fear, it often comes down to the simple fact that no one has ever taken the time to answer their questions or explain things to them about their insurance policies and coverage in a way that they can easily understand. That makes sense to me… after all, it’s human nature to be afraid or wary of things that are unfamiliar or intimidating to us.

That’s just one of the reasons why our agency takes so much pride in having an open communication with our customers. We want to take the extra time to fully answer every question you might have. We want to make sure you are fully protected and informed about the coverage that you have.

We also love providing you with this valuable newsletter, chock full of information about both insurance and non-insurance related topics. I also enjoy using this newsletter to share with you guidance in areas you may not be familiar with, entertain you, give you tips for staying sane in this crazy world we live in, help all-around personal development, and more!

I want you to know that our agency keeps your satisfaction and protection top of mind. We are constantly working to provide you with the best possible service and to make you smile.

Insurance doesn’t have to be “scary” when you’re part of our
agency family. Please call or come by the office any time you have questions, need to review your policy, and even just to say hi.


Published with permission from BGI Systems. Source.